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In this blog I will highlight some mortgage questions that I have tried to clear in Good Finance and may have interest for visitors. On this occasion we will see one about a fiscal doubt: is the deduction for the acquisition of habitual housing lost if a subrogation is made in 2011 ?

Mortgage extension or subrogation?

Mortgage extension or subrogation?

Question : I have had a mortgage since 2002 and 3 years ago I wanted to extend it and, at first they told me that there was no problem, then they told me that they did not maintain the conditions. I have Financial Standing + 0.40. What do you advise me? Can I subrogate it in some other entity? Thank you very much. If the subrogo, will I still have the right to deduct even if our income exceeds 24,000 euros?

My answer : The subrogations do not alter the moment of the purchase, which is what counts when it comes to knowing if the same benefit is followed by deduction for the acquisition of habitual housing as of 2011 .

Those who have purchased as of January 1, 2011 do see the deduction altered.


On the other hand, keep in mind that if you want to subrogate yourself and ask for an extension (novation) then many banks will not accept the operation, since they consider it a reunification of debts and loans.

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